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Extracting Data from a CSV File Using C#

Have you ever found yourself in a position of wanting to extract data from a CSV file that had way more information than you needed? Here is the code I used to extract a single column and output it into a windows form textbox. This first chunk contains a partial class of the form class named Form1 Read More

How I quickly installed Django on Ubuntu 14.04.

You may want to follow these steps to very quickly get your hands wet with Django. Here’s how I did it creating the simplest possible setup. I began with a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 14.04 without Apache or Mysql. Since Django is python based you will of course need python which I installed first using the Read More

An Introduction to Modularity in C++

The concept of modular programming simple. It is an element of programming style that divides a single program into distinct parts called modules, each module being responsible for only one function or set of functions. Modules can also be interchangeable which means that a module can be re-written or replaced without having to make changes Read More

Validate a possible credit card number using C++

To write a program which helps validate a possible credit card number you will need to know two things. Some basic programming skills and the Luhn algorithm. A short background on the Luhn algorithm According to online sources the Luhn algorithm or modulus 10 was created by IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn. The end result of Read More