5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Learning to Play the Violin

Getting a violin to produce just one note that is pleasing to the ear can take much longer than most people anticipate. This comes at no surprise considering the number of things that a beginner needs to keep track of while learning to play. Arm and hand postures that don’t come naturally need to remain Read More

Anticipation – Spontaneous Violin and Piano

Here’s a bit from a spontaneous set with Joan Touma on keys and myself of violin. I’ve layered some cello from the Halion Symphonic Orchestra here to add even more flavour. Read More

Keeping phone directories up to date using the Polycom Directory Updater

Polycom Directory Updater was written by Daniel Touma and is not affiliated with Polycom.   Introduction All Polycom phones have a directory listing of local extensions which can be accessed by pressing the software “Dir” button on IP335 phones and the hardware “Dir” button on IP550 phones. Our goal here is to be able to Read More

Extracting Data from a CSV File Using C#

Have you ever found yourself in a position of wanting to extract data from a CSV file that had way more information than you needed? Here is the code I used to extract a single column and output it into a windows form textbox. This first chunk contains a partial class of the form class named Form1 Read More

How I quickly installed Django on Ubuntu 14.04.

You may want to follow these steps to very quickly get your hands wet with Django. Here’s how I did it creating the simplest possible setup. I began with a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 14.04 without Apache or Mysql. Since Django is python based you will of course need python which I installed first using the Read More

A FreePBX Distro Project from Start to Finish

Part 1 Yes, It all began when we were assigned the task of setting up a new phone system at my work place. When the idea was introduced we only had two constraints to follow; First it had to be a VoIP system and second it had to be cheaper than what we were currently using. Our existing system was a Read More

An Introduction to Modularity in C++

The concept of modular programming simple. It is an element of programming style that divides a single program into distinct parts called modules, each module being responsible for only one function or set of functions. Modules can also be interchangeable which means that a module can be re-written or replaced without having to make changes Read More

Validate a possible credit card number using C++

To write a program which helps validate a possible credit card number you will need to know two things. Some basic programming skills and the Luhn algorithm. A short background on the Luhn algorithm According to online sources the Luhn algorithm or modulus 10 was created by IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn. The end result of Read More

Installing WordPress on Server 2003 with FastCGI

IIS6 Running PHP with FastCGI Read More